What Do You Do When Your Child Says He or She is Gay?


As a parent, one can’t help but to have the highest of hopes for their children. We want them to have the best education, make the best decisions, and live happily ever after. We may envision their future with a traditional marriage and lots of grandkids to play with in our old age. But what happens when your child tells you that he or she is gay? Are those dreams no longer attainable? What happens to your child when they tell their friends at church? Today’s Christian Woman details the journey of a woman who turned to prayer and compassion when her college-aged son came out to her. She looked to the church and to the bible, not as sources of judgement, but as guides in her time of uncertainty. She compared her feelings with  Mary and Joseph, and how Joseph felt during Mary’s pregnancy. She recalls how the Lord told him “Do not be afraid”.


It is with the same faith and fortitude that one must face the confessed homosexuality of their child. Right Now panelists psychologist Mark Crawfordpublic relations expert Jessica Atteberry Quinn author and screenwriter Lisa Cheater, and pastor Gavin Adams of Watermarke Church, tackle this tough issue on this week’s emotional episode of Right Now.

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