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From L-R: Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Mitchell McGhee,
Jennifer Schuchmann, Mo Ismo, and Gavin Adams

Questioning Authority

When, if ever is it okay to question authority? As parents we hate it when our kids question ours, but don’t we want to be able to ask our bosses anything without getting in trouble? When is the right time to question authority? And is it ever okay to question God? Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Mo Isom, and Mitchell McGhee talk about asking questions of those in authority and when, if ever, it’s okay to question God.

Hidden Costs of Social Media

 Opening a Facebook account or sending a tweet is free right? But what if it isn’t? We love social media and we use it all the time for this show, but what if the things we think are free really aren’t? What if social media costs us tens of thousands of dollars, relationships, or even our soul? Tune in as Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Mo Isom, and Mitchell McGhee share some of the things that social media has cost them. 


Have you ever seen a homeless person on the street and wondered what you should do? Do you feel guilty if you walk by without doing anything? Maybe you’ve been told not to give panhandlers money but what if they really need food? What should our response be to homelessness when it’s in our face and on our street? Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Mo Isom, and  Mitchell McGhee discuss how to confront the problems of homelessness especially when you’re confronted on the street.

Prayer Confidential

Does it ever seem like everyone else’s prayers get answers and yours don’t? Do you ever wonder if you’re praying wrong? Maybe everybody else knows something about prayer that you don’t?  On this show we find out what Pastor Gavin Adams,  Jessica Atteberry Quinn,  Mo Isom, and Mitchell McGhee do in their secret prayer lives.

Equally Then Unequally Yoked

You find the man or woman of your dreams, they share your optimism, your morals, and your faith and you get married planning to live happily ever after. But what happens when your spouse changes religions? Or goes from having lots of faith to none at all? Equally, then unequally yoked, what do you do? Pastor Gavin Adams, Dr. Mark Crawford, Joanne Brown, and Jessica Atteberry Quinn share their thoughts and experiences.

Past Topics

Addicted To Love?

In 1986 Robert Palmer released a song called “Addicted to Love” wouldn’t it be great if we were all addicted to love? Unfortunately 16% of Americans are addicted to alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs and one study shows that substance abuse beat out obesity as the number one health problem in America claiming 30% of our federal and state healthcare spending. Are you, or do you know someone addicted to love, or are you addicted to something else? Joanne Brown joins Gavin Adams, Lisa Cheater, and Dr. Mark Crawford to discuss addictions.

What Do You Do When Your Child Says He’s Gay?

One report estimates that one out of every ten teenagers in the United States is gay, lesbian, bi or transsexual. Another one estimates that the number is closer to one in five. As a parent, what would you do if your child sat you down and said, “Mom, Dad, I want you to know I’m gay.” What do you do when your child says he or she is gay? On this show Dr. Mark Crawford a clinical psychologist shares his experiences working with parents and panelists Lisa Cheater, Gavin Adams, and Jessica Atteberry Quinn discuss their thoughts.

Alter and Altar Egos

 Who are you? No, who are you really? Are you the same in real life as you are online? And if you are, do you know if your friends are? What about at church? Are Christians the same at church or some nicer version of who they are at home?  Lisa Cheater,  Gavin Adams, Dr. Mark Crawford, and  Jessica Atteberry Quinn weigh in with their opinions on this topic.

Should Christians Say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag?

When is the last time you said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag? While some Christians feel like it is our patriotic duty to say the pledge, others feel that it goes against their religious beliefs. Is saying the Pledge of Allegiance wrong? Tune in to this episode to hear panelists Gavin Adams, Alex Dale, Jyn Hall, and Jessica Atteberry Quinn discuss their views.

Is it Okay for Christians to Be Rich?

Can you be a Christian and spend money on big houses, luxury cars, and lavish vacations? Or if you’re a true Christian should you be giving your money to the poor, your church, and other programs to help those in need? Is it okay for Christians to be rich? It’s what Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Jyn Hall, Alex Dale, and Gavin Adams are talking about on this episode.



From L-R: Alex Dale, Jyn Hall, Jennifer Schuchmann,

Jessica Atteberry Quinn, and Gavin Adams


TMI: How Much Sharing is Too Much?

We live in a culture that appreciates people who are real and authentic, but sometimes that can lead to people over-sharing. When is what we say too much and over the top? Have you ever regretted how much you’ve said to someone else? Too Much Information, it’s a topic that you can’t expect panelists Alex Dale, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Gavin Adams, and Jyn Hall to say enough about.

Guilt: Do We Need More or Less of It?

Is there something you should be doing but aren’t–like that diet you’ve been putting off? Or maybe you’re doing something that you know you shouldn’t–like drinking too much. Do you feel guilty about those things? Do you wish you had less guilt? Or would a little more guilt motivate you to do what you should? Guilt, do we need more or less of it? On this episode of Right Now panelists Alex Dale, Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, and Jyn Hall confess their guilty pleasures and talk about the difference between shame and guilt.


Single and Dating

Are you a Christian single looking to mingle? If so, there are several online dating sites that explicitly or implicitly promise that if you’re good, God will find you a match made in heaven. But is that really what God has planned for your life? Is this how you’re supposed to find a life? Find out what panelists Ansley Henkel, Gavin Adams, Lisa Cheater, and Jonathan Merritt think when host Jennifer Schuchmann asks them what it’s really like to be single in the church.


From left to right: Jonathan Merritt, Lisa Cheater, Jennifer Schuchmann, Ashley Henkel, and Gavin Adams


What Can Christians Agree On?

If you’re not a Christian, you may wonder what defines Christians. And if you do call yourself a Christian, chances are that you don’t look, behave, or believe in the same way that other Christians do. So when it comes to our faith, what can Christians agree on? Or can they? Join host Jennifer Schuchmann as she leads a spirited discussion with panelists Chris Kim, Gavin Adams, Lisa Cheater, and Jonathan Merritt.


Clockwise from left: Jonathan Merritt, Chris Kim, Jennifer Schuchmann, Gavin Adams,

and Lisa Cheater discuss whether or not Christians can agree on issues related to their faith.



Many conservative Christians take a hardline stance on immigration, however the Bible clearly talks about taking care of the stranger. If that’s true, why is it that our views so often align with our political beliefs rather than our Christian faith? How should we respond to the current immigration debate? Watch panelists Joanne Brown, Gavin Adams, Lisa Cheater, and Jonathan Merritt get into a heated debate over how Christians should react to this important and timely issue.


From left to right: Joanne Brown, Gavin Adams, Jennifer Schuchmann, Lisa Cheater, and Jonathan Merritt.

Four Letter Words

Sometimes they just slip out. But more and more it seems like they’re coming out intentionally. On one South Park episode, they even kept a tally on the screen as they tried to see how many times they could cuss in one episode. Christians aren’t immune from this either; in the name of “authenticity,” some pastors are now swearing in the pulpit. There are other four-letter words that can be offensive too, like B-U-S-Y or the favorite Christian f-word F-I-N-E. Can those be just as off-putting? What are some good four-letter words? On this show host Jennifer Schuchmann learns which panelist, Gavin Adams, Lisa Cheater, Jonathan Merritt or Joanne Brown never curses and which one is trying to start a trend to replace all cuss words with the word “Crush!”

Why Can’t Women Get Along?

It is always mothers-in-law fighting with their daughters-in-law and we never see fathers-in-law fighting with sons-in-laws. From biblical matriarchs fighting with their maids, to the Real Housewives on TV fighting with each other, we see countless examples of women fighting with each other. Why is it that women can’t get along? Author Shelley Hendrix joins host Jennifer Schuchmann and panelists Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, and Kelly Ingram to discuss.


From left to right: Shelley Hendrix, Jennifer Schuchmann, Jessica Atteberry Quinn,

and Gavin Adams decide what is real and what is fake.

What is Real and How Do You Know?

With airbrushing, lip-synching, and auto-tuning music, how do we know which pictures and songs from our favorite artists are real? When we read the news on Twitter and get entertainment gossip from the morning news shows, how do we k now what to believe? And when it comes to spiritual issues can we trust our churches? In an age when it is hard to know what is real and what is false, how do we discern what is really real?  Host Jennifer Schuchmann asks featured panelists Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, and guest panelists Kelly Ingram and Shelley Hendrix if God is real?

Anti-Social Networking 

We’ve all heard the benefits of social networking, but there seems to be a new trend in online communications–anti-social networking. Users are unfriending or blocking followers who disagree with their opinions on politics or religion so they don’t have to see them. Some users are closing their accounts and leaving the social networking sites so they don’t have to engage in arguments with friends or family with whom they disagree. Should Christians do the same? Or is it important for Christians to be a part of the online community? Host Jennifer Schuchmann and panelists Gavin Adams, Jessica Atteberry Quinn, Kelly Ingram, and Shelley Hendrix discuss.



Marziyeh and Maryam authors of Captive in Iran tell host

Jennifer Schuchmann about the 259 days they spent imprisoned in Iran.

Religious Persecution

Have you or someone you know faced persecution because of your faith? Maybe you’ve been snubbed at work because you refused to work on the Sabbath or your kids weren’t allowed to pray in school. But is that persecution?  We hear the term religious persecution, but do Americans really understand what it means? On this show we have two women who really know what persecution means. Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh were born into Muslim families in Iran where Islamic laws forbid the sharing of their Christian beliefs. After handing out over twenty thousand New Testaments they were imprisoned for their faith. Now they want to tell the world about the violations of human rights in Iranian prisons and show how the power of God helped them survive. The authors of Captive in Iran join host Jennifer Schuchmann for a discussion about true religious persecution and God’s faithfulness.