Panelist Jessica Quinn a Barren Woman?

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Featured panelist Jessica Quinn recently wrote a blog post for Devotional Diva entitled “A Barren Wife.” We’ve excerpted part of it below.

I was 35 when we got married, so there wasn’t much time to waste. We decided to have children as soon as possible. Finally, here it was, my happily ever after had come, right? And then it didn’t, and the next month it didn’t, and the next month it still didn’t.

I prayed, we tried, and it didn’t—no baby.

I prayed some more, took some medicine, acted mental from the meds—none of it worked. The next thing I knew, three surgeries later and my biological clock still ticking, nothing happened.

And I prayed some more.

I prayed with open hands.

I prayed with an open heart.

I prayed scripture.

I asked forgiveness of my sins past and present.

I prayed that when this little miracle happened that many would see God’s handiwork—but in my heart I knew I didn’t care about that as much as I cared about the answer to the prayer—a baby. Then I asked for forgiveness again, this time for my selfishness.And then it was time for InVitro Fertilization.

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If you’re single, could you relate to her search for a husband? And does the fact that she found a husband give you hope?

Are you married and praying for a child? Does her story inspire you or make you sad?

What do you think about her acceptance of her situation? Could you do that?

Leave your comments below and we’ll make sure Jessica sees them!

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