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Author Ginger Garrett has been a panelist on a number of our shows. She’s occasionally talked about her books, but never about her cakes. Now we know why. Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog post at Author’s Galley: Manuscripts & Wooden Spoons.

In 1996, I suspected that my boyfriend would propose very soon. When he invited me to fly across the country to spend Thanksgiving with his family, most of whom I had never met, I knew that my intuition was probably right.
Our families came from very different cultures. His family was from the Basque country in Spain. They loved red wine and women who cried easily. My family was from Texas. We loved unsweet tea and women who could handle a shotgun or a soup kettle with equal ease.
Have a great cake recipe for Ginger?
What about a recipe for a ginger cake?
Have you ever read one of Ginger’s books? (Hint: They’re much better than her cake!)
Leave Ginger a comment or a link to your favorite cake recipe below.

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