Best Christmas Carol Ever?

We’ve been so fortunate to have some of Northpoint Community Church’s musicians appear as panelists on our show where instead of singing or playing an instrument, they’re talking and sharing their opinion. We love having worship leaders on our show because they’re used to talking about faith to a wide audience and as leaders in the church they often have unique experiences to share with us.  Perhaps you remember seeing Mitchell McGhee, Casey Darnell, or Seth Condrey on past shows?

Well this Christmas they joined with other Northpoint musicians to create a new song for the holiday. They’ve humbly called it “The Best Christmas Carol Ever.” If some of their facts get a little mixed up it might be because they researched the lyrics to the song in the children’s department of their church. The video below was played during their Christmas services. (Andy Stanley the pastor of Northpoint Community Church makes a cameo, can you spot him?)


2013 “Christmas in Bevelton” Opener LIVE from North Point Online on Vimeo.

So what do you think?

Is it a good idea to create a new song for Christmas or should tradition not be messed with?

If you came to Christmas services at the church and heard this would you be amused or confused?

What if you weren’t a believer? Is this a good way to help you relax and enjoy the message that followed?

Whatever you think, you have to admit this is one talented bunch! (And the song is kind of catchy. . .)

Leave your comments below and maybe we’ll talk about it on a future show!

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