About Jennifer

Jennifer Schuchmann

Jennifer’s first television appearances were to promote her books. She appeared on local and national programs including WATC’s Friends and NeighborsAtlanta Live, and Babbie’s House. When a host was needed to fill in for an episode of Friends and Neighbors, station manager and producer Greg West asked Jennifer to join the other ladies on the couch. She soon became a frequent guest co-host. After several years of filling in, Greg called her into his office. “I knew then that he was going to tell me that it was nice having me, but that I wasn’t coming back,” said Jennifer. However, Greg surprised her by asking, “How would you feel about having your own show?”

Right Now with Jennifer Schuchmann started out as a half-hour local interview program. Guests ranged from local celebrities to traveling authors. “I once did a show with a representative from the local cat shelter,” said Jennifer. “Greg had asked them to bring cats with them. Fortunately for me, their regulations forbid them from doing that. I’m allergic to cats.” After such a wide range of interview subjects, eventually Jennifer and Greg realized that the shows the audience loved best were those that took a fresh look at hot topics. Together, the pair decided there was a need for Christian voices to speak into our culture and weigh-in on the topics of the day.

In addition to hosting Right Now, Jennifer is a New York Times bestselling author with more than a dozen published books to her credit. Her current focus is on writing collaborative books for celebrities and newsmakers. An accomplished writer, trainer, and speaker noted for creative and practical approaches to business and spiritual topics, Jennifer has an extensive public speaking background. She holds an M.B.A. from Emory University with an emphasis in marketing and communications and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Memphis.

In elementary and middle school, Jennifer’s teachers told her, “You ask too many questions!” But as host of Right Now, it’s her job. On the show, Jennifer uses questions to lead four experts through topics with that are designed not only to elicit answers from the panel, but to get the viewers thinking. Whether writing (her primary job) or hosting Right Now, Jennifer loves the challenge of taking difficult concepts and finding ways to make them easy to understand, practical, and transformational. She enjoys collaborating with others and thinks the ideal job would be to just sit around and talk with interesting people.

Fortunately, both of her jobs allow her to do that.

In the new panel-driven format, Right Now is designed to engage viewers by showing Christians who represent their viewpoints, as well as Christians who may hold opposing views. “Our best shows are those where the panelists don’t agree,” said Jennifer, “That way our viewers can see the range and breadth of beliefs held by believers and it’s more interesting.”  As the host, she tries to design questions that go beyond the superficial to take a deeper look at the issues. “I want to know why things are as they are and why someone believes how they believe,” said Jennifer. “In my seventh grade math class, Miss Petersen said she liked that I asked so many ‘why’ questions. She’d be really proud of me now!”

Jennifer has been married to David for over twenty years and they have an eighteen-year-old son who attends the University of Southern California. Learn more at her website or follow her on Twitter @schuchmann.